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We got a free drum kit dropping at subs if u trynna check us out. Terms of Serivce Privacy Policy Contacts.


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Totally Keto! Found this bag costco!

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Perfect snack size bags 1 carb per bag! They are so good! Always prepared for the day with my almonds for a snack! My Keto Spread lol Cooked in coconut oil, chicken, turkey bacon, spinach, and egg.

I eat this every morning. Sometimes, I save my Collagen Peptides for my coffee though.

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I put about a half of a cup of Almond milk any milk of choice will do , 2 tbs. Then refrigerate overnight. The only things you really need in it is the Chia seeds and the Almond milk. After , that you can add in whatever you have a taste for to flavor it.

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I put a few jalapeños and some white queso with it. This whole tasty snack is only 1 net carb.